Insulation and Drylining

We have a wide range of insulation and drylining solutions available with fast turnaround time, including fire panel, acoustic insulation.

Effective insulation is an essential addition to any building project, as it helps reduce energy consumption, saving you on energy costs, and can also minimize noise. Here at T Chambers Timber, our comprehensive insulation range includes fire protection insulation and insulation accessories

Plasterboard and plastering are the ideal way to finish off a building or renovation project. Our choice of products includes specialist plasterboards that offer fire protection, moisture resistance, and noise reduction.

The range also includes a wide choice of accessories such as channels, studs, and tacks, screws and fixings.

By having your home properly insulated, you are creating a barrier to the heat flow. It will reduce the heat escaping in the winter – significantly reducing your heating bills – while reducing the heat entering your home in the summer months. As well as reducing your energy bills, good insulation in your home will also reduce your carbon footprint as you are reducing the use of your gas and electricity-powered central heating. When your home is insulated, it can also help prevent condensation and therefore damp and mould which can damage paint, plaster and wallpaper as well as cause some health conditions.

Drylining is another way of ensuring as little heat as possible escapes from your home as it creates a cavity between the wall and plasterboard which can be packed with insulation. This process will also reduce the chance of condensation forming.